JazzOut SwingFest

August 28 - 30 



We have found you a great line-up this year. Offcourse there are still some artists to be reveiled later on. Keep track of our website and our Facebook, so you are updated at any time! 

Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Teachers

Jérémy Chanton & Mélanie Deniau

For a hint of France we have this amazing couple!

Jérémy and Mélanie are, next to wonderfull people, great and smooth dancers. They have won the Savoy Cup Strictly All Star 2019, something they are very proud off! 

Jérémy dances since his childhood beginning with Rock'n roll and Boogie woogie.
Starting competitions in his teenage years, he reached podium places in French competitions and finals in international competitions.
In 2015, he joined a swing group where he continues to improve in Lindy Hop and Charleston.
In a few years, he managed to win some awards and performs with other talented dancers during festivals (French Fries).
In 2020, he teaches regularly in Bordeaux and travels in national & international festivals to teach and perform.

Mélanie begun Rock'n roll at 7 years old.
She fell in love with Boogie woogie and was ranked in the top 10 in the world during 4 years with her brother Nicolas Deniau.
After a 3 years break, where Mélanie did cabaret, she came back in the Swing scene in 2015 doing some festivals and competitions. She quickly caught up and growed with other talented dancers.
In 2020, she teaches regularly in Bordeaux and travels in national & international festivals to teach and perform.

You don't want to miss out of having classes from this energetic and fun couple, and don't forget...you can also dance with them on the parties! Oeh-la-laa...

Natalya Borisenko & Andrei Osipov

Originally from Russia, with love, but nowadays Natalya lives in the beautiful Spain and Andrei in Stockholm. This couple can dance! When you see them the true Lindy Hop spirit in improvisation and creativity. 

Andrei born in Leningrad, raised in St. Petersburg, is currently based in Stockholm, where he learned to Lindy Hop. Stockholm's scene, full of recognized and inspiring dancers and great swing bands, had a lot to offer to Andrei, no wonder he soon found himself dancing in finals of international festivals.

It did not take him long to start teaching both in Stockholm and at big events abroad (Dragon Swing being one of them). Andrei appreciates individuality, playfulness and humor (with a dash of eccentricity) within the Lindy Hop, while staying close to its roots and being respectful to its history.
In his style, he incorporates elements of tap, traditional Mozambican and other swing dances, also you can often hear him scatting rhythms as he dances.
His goal as a teacher is to bring joyful smiles on students' faces and to make sure they enjoy their own movements, get inspired by their partners and pull out cool moves from time to time.

Andrei loves to watch and study old clips and movies with vernacular jazz and swing dancing -- among his favorite dancers are Leon James, and Millie and Bubbles from the dance scene in Straight to Heaven (1939).
For Andrei, music plays a major role in his dancing, and Lester Young, Charlie Christian, and Freddie Green are his biggest inspirations.    

Natalya is a full-time dance teacher and performer from Moscow, Russia. She has been dancing since childhood, tried different styles like ballroom, contemporary, traditional dances and many others. She started to dance Boogie Woogie in 2010 and in a while she turned to Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz after discovering how much inspiration and freedom jazz music can give. 

Natalya started to teach in 2013 in Moscow. She knows many swing dance styles apart from lindy hop: such as St. Louis shag, blues, Vernacular Jazz and Balboa. 

Natalya has a residency as a guest teacher in Pamplona, Spain where she is running regular classes of Lindy Hop, Solo jazz, Chorus line and a Performing group. As a teacher she focuses on encouraging dancers to express their personalities, to make sure they enjoy their own movements and get inspiration from the music.

She appreciates individuality, playfulness and staying close to the roots and history of swing dancing.

Andrei and Natalya met on the dance floor in early 2016 and have been travelling together ever since. They dance, teach, compete and perform. In Lindy Hop, they love happy smiles, groovy Swingouts, an improvisational dialog between partners, along with rhythms and jazz.

The smile you get when Natalya and Andei dance is unforgettable. Find out for yourself and join the classes! 

DJ Splanky

One of our DJ's is the awesome DJ Splanky, swingin all the way out of Denmark. He will be spinning his old vinyl records, with all the best tunes from the 30's & 40's. As a dance teacher and swing DJ he for sure knows how to keep the dancefloor swinging.
When he is not standing behind his record players, you will most likely find him having a great time on the dance floor.

With his personal favorites such as Ella Fitzgerald, Fletcher Henderson, Sy Oliver and Benny Goodman, you are in for a treat. So look forward to dance to some of the biggest hits, and hidden gems from the swing era and get prepared for JOSF2020!

More info about Bands - DJ's  - MC  - Photographers - Videographer will be released soon!